This is the Stupid Page.

This is the stupid page. Read on.

newt-stupid-people It is the entire point of this web presence. This is where I’ve made my criteria for stupid plain and clear. This is where I intend to grow a list and let everyone know who is actually stupid. You may not believe that the people on this page are stupid so we are providing a link for each one that explains my rationale for labeling an individual as stupid. This criteria is based on things I have learned along the way. In school, from experience or occasionally from really smart people. The ability to be reasonable is among the primary things I look for in any argument. There are many effective and powerful people that believe reason is not valuable. They are demonstrably stupid. Common sense is often misunderstood and here it will be used in a sociological manner. Common sense is how you deal with people, places and things in society. The people we live with, the region we live in and the things we need to take responsibility for. The common sense to be a good neighbor, citizen and productive member of society. Common sense is a primary thing. Honesty also is primary. Say what you know and not what is expedient. I would follow an honest man that I disagreed with into battle but, never a liar that tells me what I want to hear. Leaders have to be honest both with themselves and with the people around them. Regular people have to know that this is a society with many common responsibilities. Being honest with is also is a primary thing. The really dangerously stupid people are those that understand these three measures of American values and still do what they do, say what they say and believe what they believe. These supporters of failure cost each and every one of us our future on a daily basis. Many of the common players are known and their failures are legion. They will not be listed for their past or my disgust at their present circumstance. These truly stupid people will be invited to just fade away or, they may continue to be stupid. For that, they get listed here. This assemblage of characters is for espousing the unreasonable backed by dishonesty, devoid of common sense and in direct conflict with American values.

#1 – Mike Pence

#2 – Alex Jones

#3 – Roger Ailes

#4 – Jeb Bush

#5 – David Brooks