Stupid people and the Abortion issue.

Stupid people and the Abortion issue.


Discussing the position of truly stupid people on abortion wasn’t something I wanted to do. When you consider that it has been one of the most divisive and destructive debates we have in America, I felt I had no choice. It is often a debate about morality, privacy and religion. Hot button issues in anyone’s book.

I have to remember a story I read about several times years ago out of Kansas. I had no reason to retain the particulars so cannot site the facts in any meaningful way and I can only loosely tell the story. It involved a pregnant thirteen year old girl and her desire to privately terminate her pregnancy. That’s when all hell broke loose.

The religious right came out of the woodwork with plans to stop her in court. They wanted the law to recognize the rights of her parents to be informed of and involved in the decision about terminating her pregnancy. They sued. They claimed the moral high ground. I followed the story. It was hardly the correct way to deal with a thirteen year old girl who was in real big trouble. It became very apparent to me that the girl was the least of their concerns. It was stunningly stupid and obviously an attempt to impose a moral agenda on the state population.

The arguments they used to sway public opinion were tailor made for the perverse position of the morally vacuous. I lost my cool when it was reported that one of the plaintiffs said that the girl knew what she was doing and needed to take responsibility for what she had done. She was thirteen. I must have been about thirty and that’s when I decided that the anti-abortion community would never get an inch of my respect. They are evil and immoral liars and charlatans whose interest is to impose bad values on an America whose values would have avoided what came next.

Her privacy was stolen. Her name was not provided to the public but, her story was.

The proper solution would have been to provide the girl with a competent social worker, an abortion, intense social assistance and most importantly, privacy. Not these self-righteous religious nut jobs. They told her she needed an attorney. She was thirteen. And she was in trouble.

Everything is a situation and these fools didn’t care anything about hers. The end of the story is that her mother’s brother was the father and her father was estranged from her mother. It was a situation entirely out of the young girl’s control. Whether it was consensual sex or not was irrelevant as all thirteen year old girls impregnated by their uncle are victims of rape. The religiously motivated plaintiffs doubled down and spent more time trying to blame the thirteen year old and establish the rights of the parents. There had to be fallout.

Well, the end of the story was almost predictable. Tragedy on tragedy on tragedy.

The girl committed suicide which of course cost the life of the unborn child. The estranged father murdered the uncle and died in prison. It worked out great for the religious fools. They got their parental consent agenda going and now it’s the law in some places. And they claimed the moral high ground. I wanted to vomit.

That was maybe thirty years ago and has created, in me, an interest in the immorality of the anti-abortion movement and their evil agenda. These people are rapists. These people are my enemy.

Arguments have been bandied about that bring up language about “legitimate rape” and “parental rights” and other entirely irrelevant inventions that have no basis in the argument. The only argument is privacy and education. If these two things are the only agenda then abortion can be available, affordable, safe and rare.

That is not the agenda for the anti-abortionist. Their agenda is assigning blame, delivering guilt and claiming the moral high ground. It’s hardly moral and definitely not helpful.

To believe that you can end abortion (legal or otherwise) is chimera. Women have been ending pregnancies since the dawn of time. Whether it is safe or not, they will continue to end pregnancies. That is the reality.

The argument gets to the realization that requiring anyone to procreate against their will is two things. Rape and slavery.

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Max Oebulet

Social Philosopher