My Rights Aren’t Guaranteed. Never have been!

My Rights Aren’t Guaranteed. Never have been!


Yours aren’t guaranteed either. We, as citizens, have our rights suspended, infringed, removed and denied on a daily basis. Ask any lawyer and he will tell you that all rights are “provisional” and not guaranteed. If you find a lawyer that says otherwise, don’t call them when you need a lawyer.

It’s always been that way. There’s a country we live in and it is sovereign territory with a gubmint and everything. They can and will seize your assets and money and they will remove your rights. They do it to people every single day. The process can start at 10:16 P.M. on a Sunday. All you have to do is get picked up for a D.U.I.

I’m not scared. I wouldn’t be in that position.

I never gave thoughts about my rights much of a chance. I looked at the Bill of Rights and its subsequent amendments as an outline for evolution and (and this part is very important) my responsibility to it.

I’ve heard a lot of lies about it and even more misunderstanding. What I know is, more than anything, the Bill of Rights is alive. When it is amended it teaches us that our experiment with self government evolves. That nothing is etched in stone. It has proven that the authors can fail. The guys that wrote the eighteenth one were on the wrong side of history.

The big lie they tell is that you can’t change it. That’s a big lie. I’m old. I’m entering the last few years of my productivity. The fact is every generation of this experiment has changed the Bill of Rights right up until my parents failed. It was the Equal Rights Amendment. I watched it play out in the politics and media of the day. It was the right thing to do and my parents failed. Believe me they tried.

The Right joined forces with the religions and made the whole argument about hate. Sound familiar? It was first and foremost about the “homosexuals” and of course all those slightly darker people. The play was to make people believe that it had to be defeated in order to defend marriage, families and religious freedom.

It sounded fishy and weak at the time while I was in high school and the military. As a young adult I realized we had been lied to.

Now I’m old, a white male without a police record and I’m a Veteran. My rights are guaranteed, right?

I’m not too cocky because if the guy next door doesn’t have his, of what value are mine? Hmm…

I’ve felt this way all my life. I have always been certain that to protect my rights it would be my responsibility to fight for the rights of others. That’s an American value. I’m proud of it.

Over the last forty or so years I have learned many things about the Right and their partners in religion. They haven’t any idea what an America value is.



It’s important now because my generation and those that are younger than us are going to take another swing at an amendment.   A Bill that would remove the corrupt influence of money in large and targeted quantities from diminishing the value of the individual vote. Anyone could get behind this one.

The strength of our democracy is measured most accurately by the value of the individual vote and the percentage of people that exercise the franchise. That an American value. Ask any real American.

The idea that each of us should reasonably have the same rights and protections as the rest of us is an American value. Ask any real American.

The effort to put an end to collective downgrading and devaluing of our individual votes is an idea I learned of by occasionally watching TYT Network on  Now for the really weird part. It looks like they could possibly succeed. I recommend you take a look.

The effort can be found at .

If you are proud of this country the way it is, if you are in awe of what it can become  you are smart enough to know the process is not easy. It won’t happen in a vacuum. These people need your help just as much as your country needs your participation.

I believe in hope. I hope this amendment is in place before I die. I have grandchildren.

I am

Max Oebulet

Social Philosopher