What is the greatest threat to Society?

What is the greatest threat to Society? It hasn’t changed in millenniums. Apostasy, Heresy and Blasphemy.

You probably think these things are dangerous. If that’s the case, well, you’re the problem. What’s dangerous is the organized effort to punish these things. It’s wrong and it is our collective history.

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The safest world in which to live is one that is based on evidence and it really doesn’t require much to understand the advice that you should go with what you know. It’s basic common sense. It works and we know it.

Yet, there has always been a very powerful hierarchy that’s about what you should believe, even if it is entirely unsupported by evidence. These are the people that seek to, and succeed in imposing their power on the Apostates, Heretics and Blasphemers.

This raises the question, “what makes a person an Apostate, Heretic or Blasphemer”?

The answer is simple and always the same. Evidence. People that learn or find anything that is contradictory to the power of the faiths are vilified and persecuted for it. People that become evolved enough to understand that you cannot cherry pick how much you support a faith system that has lost and continues to lose its credibility in the face of evidence are ostracized for it. It is the greatest danger to the entire global society.

If a person doesn’t support a faith system at all they have been labeled as “infidels” over the centuries.

In the western world the label has become atheist and is generally not accurate. Those that strongly believe there is no higher power are, more accurately anti-theist. An atheist is more accurately an individual that rejects your belief system. That’s why atheists are so despised by members of particular faith systems. I don’t care which faith system.

I fall into a different category altogether. I am a practicing “non congregant”. I despise, fear, suspect and understand all religious activity and motivation. Not just them or those people but you and your people. To question my beliefs or to label me otherwise I find to be unbelievably insulting. So don’t do it in the comments below, unless of course you’re one of those that cares to parade your ignorance.

A common sense approach to open minded study reveals that there is one overall theme that can be learned from history. The greatest advances in virtually all human endeavors have been made by the Apostates, Heretics and Blasphemers. In many, many cases, at great cost.

I don’t care what endeavor, Sociology, Medicine, Justice, Civil Rights, International Relations, the Sciences, Education, Peace, my god Peace. The list goes on and on. My favorite is the Humanities. In any case there has always been a religion or group of religions that has railed against these advances and persecuted the offenders. A practice that is alive and well today. It’s as if ignorance is a religious duty. Make no mistake this is our collective human history. This is the legacy we have inherited from our ancestors. In the name of religion, a correct and evidence based society is and always has been heresy, spread by blasphemers in an effort to create apostates.

These people in certain cultures must die and in all cultures be labeled the inaccurately termed atheist and vilified with discrimination and judgment about their morality and character.

This, among religious organizations, that can’t stand up to their own of moral, ethical and peace loving histories. All of them, in all of history. Not one single religion. And they’re willing to argue the point.

The problem is, it’s really inarguable. The evidence is in. The discoveries and understandings of what has actually happened in the last six thousand years grows and grows with every passing year. The actual laws of men and evidence constantly are exposing the fallacy of faith in irrevocable ways that will always have a growing conclusion.

If you are a real human being you can only look at religion, I don’t care which, with disgust. If you decide to know, or are certain you don’t know you are an enlightened person. If what you do know is entirely evidence based you have common sense. If you learned anything about our past or have any understanding about our own times you have to look at what you do know about religion with unbridled contempt.

Which are you, an educated member of a human society who knows or doesn’t? Or do you choose to believe and persecute those that find that which is contrary to your belief?

I am the former.

And I am,

Max Oebulet

Social Philosopher