Citizens United, Political Corruption, Really Stupid People

Citizens United, Political Corruption, Really Stupid People


Citizens United, Political Corruption, Really Stupid People and the actually smart ones are the subject of this writing and I promise not to take too much of your time.

As is usually the case, I will be as brief as possible while broaching a large and potentially multi faceted subject. At the same time I will paint with a broad brush and will not beat you to death with factoids that support glimpses of the bloody obvious. I’m quoting no one and I said this. Max Oebulet. Quote me.

Citizens United verses us, the commoner with common sense, which was ruled by the U.S.Supreme Court in a decision that comes from a far right power grab against every single person that was born and will die here.  Even themselves but, the right wing people that support this crap are always shooting themselves in the foot. What created an atmosphere that germinated this ruling is the noxious concept that, with enough money, an entity such as a corporation is inherently the same as an individual. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and corporate entities are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. I can’t think of a pejorative that makes a strong enough statement to adequately insult the people that would buy into that. Stupid isn’t enough.

The problem is they’re not all stupid. I use a measurement index here and on certain criteria they are stupid. In other areas they are not. It’s always a conundrum with truly stupid people.

In this particular case and in other rulings and legislation, our right wing have done these things to meet direct ends. The unfettered use of seriously large amounts of money to influence campaigns and legislation at levels of government that have never been awash in this amount of payola before. It’s not about the quadrennial presidential popularity contest at all. It’s an undisguised power grab throughout government that is being affected at all levels. And it’s being done completely in the dark. Without accountability or attribution.  It’s a perfect prescription for political corruption if I’ve ever seen one.  It doesn’t take any imagination to see the potential for problems here.

Then the really “full time stupid people” stand up and prove the point. In Utah right now several elected officials and staffers along with their private sector co-conspirators are preparing to spend serious time in the penitentiary for taking advantage of the aforementioned ideology. Basically they did nothing more than what you would expect in this climate. Their crimes were illegal in truth and nefarious in intent yet that was not the weak point. Where they tripped up was in being too transparent. They actually compiled and kept records of their motivations and activities. It isn’t required. The really smart stupid people don’t do this. They conspire to do these illegal things by legally doing them in the dark. Without accountability or attribution. Why not? Are they not entities with privacy rights and first amendment protections? (It’s at this point that I argue with myself about the spelling of baloney).

My name is Max Oebulet and I support certain political and ideological positions and pay for their dissemination with money from my pocket so, the argument that “they all do it” gets nowhere with me, ever.  Don’t even go there with me.

There are many things that may be considered as important in the next Congress and the Congresses of the various States. Immigration, net neutrality, marital rights, the affordable care act, privacy in the digital age, universal suffrage and the list goes on and on. Many are worthy and progressive measures that present a real opportunity to continue the evolution of the experiment we call government by, for and of the people.

Ask first of your Congress why you are to tolerate the elevation of the mining corporation down the road to personhood with the same rights as you.  Ask your Congress why, if you have a dollar, you should be a million times less powerful than a nameless, faceless man who controls an entity with a million dollars? Extrapolate financially and see the problem in a big picture way. Why should your Congress do what is illegal just because they can do it in the dark? Why is influence for sale in the first place? Ask about their oath to represent people, not entities?

Campaign finance reform creates a huge moan among the political classes and gets nowhere in the Congresses because of “they all do it” arguments.  It’s time to ignore the arguments and bring these funds and their origins into the light of day. It’s time to make the political class stand next to the people that support them and the issues that they actually represent.

But that’s just my opinion and I am Max Oebulet. Social Philosopher.

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