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My Name is Max Oebulet, And this WordPress Site

My Name is Max Oebulet, And this WordPress Site you are on is entirely a creation of my own. Absolutely everything here is copyrighted throlugh my site administrators upon posting. I would like you to feel free to send it to anyone you like and if you post it elsewhere or quote portions please give me attribution. Any publisher is welcome to publish any of it at their standard rate.

I get paid to write a lot of stuff for a lot of people, but nothing like this. You see, I am what you call an industrial writer. I’m the guy that does blurbs for insulation manufacturer’s product literature and speeches to be delivered at Phlebotomist’s conferences. Sounds stupid but, I’m rather proud of my work. I get paid and have good customers and I enjoy a good reputation.

People, for many years, have encouraged me to write other things and I’ve jumped into a few projects. Of course, the most popular suggestion has been to write the “Great American Novel”. Yeah, right. Long story short. I wrote one in the early nineties and of the three or four people that saw it I was the only one that hated it. I thought three or four chapters just plain sucked. I was encouraged to publish it but, I wanted nothing to do with that quagmire. So don’t look for my novel.

From early on in life I took advantage of learning opportunities that were purely of my own interest and had nothing to do with career ambitions. I’m a Veteran (Viet Nam era) and when I began taking advantage of my education bennies I was already entrenched in a union trade that wouldn’t care if I advanced my knowledge of anything. They were after a skill and for many years I excelled there. I have a strong foundation in history, economics, education and literature while possessing advanced degrees in history and economic history.

I have found that the last decade and a half or so, as I rapidly get older, I have refined a social philosophy that starts with a single premise. Reason. If you don’t get that you may as well turn back now. No stupid people beyond this point.

I am the most tolerant of people. Because of multiple divorces and massive amounts of child support I have learned to live well at the precipice of poverty and at the edge of the ghetto. Calling me an elitist, well that would be stupid.

Stupid is a particular interest of mine so I want to clear up exactly what stupid is. Not knowing is not stupid. Being slow or difficult to train is not stupid. All of my life I have lived and worked around people like this and I’ve never been discouraged. People have different abilities and I believe that there is a place for all of them all in a civil society.

What is stupid to me is anyone that…

  1. A person that knows better and still says what they say. A liar.
  2. A person that lacks tolerance for something so refuses to learn. Ted Nugent.
  3. A person that assumes others are stupid and need to be led. Newt Gingrich.

These people are common and many. It’s really too bad that we have to contend with them but, there they are. Costing us an unbelievable amount of everything we value and doing all they can to de-evolve our Democracy.

For quite some time now I have spoken into the face of this beast I call stupid people. I have and will continue to call them out on their positions and dishonesty in an unwavering and obtuse manner.

It’s not always easy. There are many stupid people out there that are stupid and articulate. There are even more that are stupid and popular. I’m going after them. I’m going to name names and explain why. After all, it’s a political year.

It’s always been fun and challenging but, when stupid people lie and manipulate those that they wish to influence, I’ve found my calling. I usually hold my tongue but, if practicable, I jump right up on my soapbox and let them have it. After all, even the well educated, articulate ones among them are stupid.

I’ve done well at this and have influenced many people on many topics. I’m reasonable and actually understand what can evolve a Democracy.  I love America as it is today and am in awe of what we can become. This nation, in spite of our past and the many mistakes we’ve made, is and should be the light of the world. I taught this to my children and delight in teaching it to my grandchildren.

Again, this is where people have encouraged me to write in other projects. People that have heard me speak, on whom I’ve had some influence, that have heard me call out the articulate and the popular in their condescension have asked me to write so often that we have arrived at this.

This is not a .org. I am not a charity. I do not seek your donation for any activity other than to continue these postings. I consider that to be income. I will pay all the taxes on it. This blog is not to derive my means of living. I will, however be putting a lot of hours and a steady promotional budget into its dissemination. If you support what I’m doing then you could support me directly or by supporting the links and businesses that join me on my site.

Join me in the hope of defining and identifying entirely stupid positions and the really stupid people that promote them.

Max Oebulet, Social Philosopher

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