The Stupidest Thing This Nation Spends Our Money On

The Stupidest Thing This Nation Spends Our Money On


Collective dumbness often requires revolutionary change. I have to remind everyone that I am not a young man and have always had my radar out for what actually is stupid. It’s a subject that has always fascinated me. So I’m gonna tell you a little story.

I know a young guy who is really smart. He is about halfway through college and has basically paid for it himself. He went out socially with a friend and they got pulled over. The friend was in possession of less than a joint of pot. They were not intoxicated. This young man was guilty of a seat belt violation and his friend was guilty of possession of pot. No one wants to duck the truth here.

The society that we live in made it clear that this young man had two choices. Take responsibility for his friend’s possession and pay the costs or be prosecuted and ruined. If he fought them he could lose. If he fought and won, he would be in debt to an attorney for ten or twenty thousand dollars. If he lost he would get criminal record, still owe the attorney and have a lost future.

He chose to take the deal. He won’t be going back to college this fall. I cannot call this guy stupid. I know him too well. I have to call him a victim of a society gone mad. This is the stupidest way to deal with your citizens I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, it’s the way we’ve been doing it for quite some time.

We’ve compiled some unbelievably negative societal and economic damage simply by keeping marijuana illegal all these years. The studies have been done, and done and done again. The verdict is in. The gavel has dropped. We know what we know. This is madness.

Why have we spent billions and billions and billions of dollars, ruined millions of lives and lied and lied to generation after generation? It’s beyond stupid. Then why did we do it? Politics.

Well, it’s time for the lying to end. I want everyone that knows better, everyone that is involved in change, to read on. Something has to be done. Stop trying to pass medical marijuana legislation. It’s counter-productive and dishonest. Stand up and be counted. Get it legalized period.

You see, the damage to society caused by marijuana is inarguably because it is illegal, and political. It’s not my argument or opinion. The facts are in. If you would like to join the “howl at the moon” stupid people then go right ahead. Find some facts and argue them.

I have another option you could argue. Argue morality. I’m sure you could keep a straight face while you argue that taking freedom from about a half of a million people a year is morally superior to……..

Could you be that stupid? But, this is how our nation looks at this subject. You would support a system that takes away a college kid’s tuition in order to feed the beast we call justice, or ruin his life.

One more story.

A little more than twenty three years ago I lost my brother to brain cancer. If you had known him you would have loved him. Will was one of those truly good guys. He struggled through brain surgery and after about six months the tumors were back. It was horrific. His days were made more tolerable when

he smoked a little pot. Being about two thousand miles away, there was nothing I could do. My Mother lived near him and spent all her time caring for him and helping him while he was terminal.

Marijuana that he smoked was not medicinal, therapeutic or curative. It was only palliative which means it just made him feel better. My Mother, 69 years old, was forced by law to go to places she didn’t belong, deal with people that were less than professional and commit a criminal act, just to be a loving mother to her dying son.

This Nation forced my Mother to turn to the black market. Because, she loved Will.

Enough is enough.

We have got to end this insanity. This Nation forced my Mom to commit a crime because, she loved Will. I have never felt any anger against my country as deeply as when my Mom told me about driving her Pinto down to that “part of town” not knowing if she was going to be robbed or arrested.

Enough already.

I am

Max Oebulet

Social Philosopher