Number Five On The List

Number Five On The List Of Truly Stupid People.

David Brooks












Rod Dreher, author of the recent book  “How Dante Can Save Your Life,” wrote an essay in Time in which he argued that it was time for Christians to strategically retreat into their own communities, where they could keep “the light of faith burning through the surrounding cultural darkness.” Balderdash, from top to bottom. The light of faith is where the darkness exists. When I was just four years old I was taught to sing “onward Christian soldiers marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before.” No designated enemy to vanquish but, a call to glory. Why would anyone think that this is what Christ would want? Social conservatives, idiots. That’s why David Brooks, op-ed columnist for the New York Times, gets called out for being the fifth truly stupid person on my list. Brooks is slightly left of these people but, “still has a lot of respect for them”. Being slightly left of these perverts that are so far right they are falling off the edge of their flat earth is nothing to brag about. He laments that the sexual revolution has somehow degraded the morality of our nation. Again, balderdash. I’m David Brook’s age and have raised seven children to adulthood. I employ young people. I make a study of simply listening to the newer generations. Try that Mr. Brooks. You’ll first be surprised by the fact that love and life doesn’t present a sexual revolution but, instead, the same human emotions that have been part of life from the beginning of time. There are some minor differences. Birth control and family planning. The social conservatives like the big fat liar Rush Limbaugh believe that this has allowed women to do what they want without taking responsibility for it. Stupid. These things have finally given women responsibility for it and the option to be in positive control, for the first time ever, of their reproductive role in society. Abortion. Like social conservatives care. Their entire point is to take their more ignorant members and whip up hatred over something they seemingly never participate in. Question… What is the difference between a legal and an illegal abortion? I remember when the choice was limited to the latter. Just as many abortions were happening. They just weren’t as safe. They also were basically for the more affluent amongst us and were very difficult and increasingly more dangerous as you went down the economic ladder. But they always happened. Gay marriage. This has nothing to do with religious values and in no way affects anyone that doesn’t participate. This is only about American Values. Even a gay person is a person. If they can’t have rights why should you? So these social conservatives are all concerned about everyone else’s sex life. Perverts. I have never been interested in what someone else is doing with whoever. It scares me that someone would concern themselves with my (almost non-existent) sex life. If my sexual activity actually is a matter of their concern, they are demonstrably perverse. But today, and without a doubt for the rest of the future, society will become more enlightened and gravitate more naturally to knowledge and evidence. This is what scares social conservatives the most. The advice by Brooks that the “faithful” should be strategizing on ways to keep their dark faith alive and burning so that they can, at some future point, spring forth against the moral darkness that only exists in their perverse fantasies and wage war against the non-believers is, well, stupid. An enlightened person knows, oddly enough, when to mind their own business. They never hide behind things that are not credible and require the absolute worst in human morality to be submitted to wholly and without question. Social conservatives need to take a breath and stop judging other than themselves. They take birth control, have abortions and care about gay people, whether they know that or not. And fools like Rod Dreher and David Brooks have no reason at all to call for strategies and plans to fight a culture war against anybody. The darkness of their “religious values” is attempting to set back the enlightenment of citizens of The United States of America that live in an evidence based reality and believe in American Values that teach that if you have the right to do something so do they. So Brooks, get a grip. You have a right to believe what you want. But you cross the line when you call for “strategies to fight” with people who know better. If you want a culture war then what you are saying is that religious values trump American Values. You already lost that one and don’t know it. Evidence of the defeat of religious values can be found in the 1st amendment, the 13th, the 15th, the 19th and the 24th amendment. All of these things were opposed by 2 groups. Social conservatives and the religious amongst them. So, David Brooks gets called out for urging a culture war when the enlightened wish to accept and tolerate more cultures. He gets called out for opposing evidence in favor of the ignorance of faith. But mostly because he “understands” that the social conservatives are correct in their unfounded belief that religious values are superior to American Values. Stupid.

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