It’s A Republican Problem

Too Many Stupid People

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I spent about 10 days working on another project and this is my first post since I got back. I wanted to add #4 to my list of truly stupid people but the last two weeks there were entirely too many stupid people to name just one. But I did it. I picked one.

First I believe it’s important to discuss all the other “howl at the moon” stupid people that were dumb enough to open their mouth in front of a microphone. Where to start? Let’s see…

There was the Governor from Wisconsin (R: Scott Walker) that alluded to his belief in numerology that led to the major benchmarks in his personal and professional life. This Presidential contender actually believes he will have success as long as he follows the high (and low) dates of Ronald Reagan’s life, even the date of his colonoscopy, as significant dates in his own life. Truly Stupid.

Then there was Rick Perry. I watched an interview in which he confessed that he “didn’t know” the subject matter needed to make a successful run for the Presidency in his previous campaign. Now that begs the observation that he’s not trying to qualify as an X-ray Tech. Noooo…  Presidential Timber, I guess, needs to be explained to him. Expect him to be well studied on a few subjects he doesn’t understand at all. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Then there’s Donald Trump. His stupidity actually has the money available to hire a professional stupid handler, yet, he’s too stupid to see the need. The only people that are seemingly stupider are the surprisingly large number of the Republican base that supports him. From economics to foreign policy, budget policy and immigration, domestic politics through civil rights, The Donald’s every utterance can only be described as an embarrassment to the party and an indictment of the people that would consider him for leadership. Stupid is too nice a word.

Surprisingly, one person comes along and says a few really honest and smart things. Then you have to do some real research (past the bumper stickers) to find the level of their individual stupidity.  Lindsay Graham comes to mind. He recently and bluntly told a voter that he didn’t want her vote. She wanted his support of her form of intolerance and he wisely shot her down. The problem is that he has a pretty solid position on many international problems. His solution is military. To nearly everything. Stupid.

Now I agree that the best fed, best paid, best equipped, best trained, best led most advanced military on earth is and should be ours, through the entire twenty-first century. I’m not stupid enough to think that our military is the answer to any international problem. Long term, third rate, low level back room diplomacy conducted daily everywhere costs less. And people hate us less. On this concept the entire Republican Party is pretty stupid.

So my next post will be the historic placement of my number four pick of truly stupid people. I bet it’s not who you think.

Max Oebulet

Social Philosopher