The next truly stupid person to make the list

The next truly stupid person to make the list. This guy is dumb. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.


And in case anybody forgot, Americans are essentially immigrants… why is he splitting that hair?


I hate to admit it but, I live in South Florida. I have for nearly 30 years. Those of us almost ex-pats that live here do it because it is paradise. We love it here. It’s the only way to live in the good old USA and still live in a banana republic. I get to say this because I live here. As I said before, I’m an older white guy and here I’m the minority. I love it.

Because guys like me know our neighbors and our area we know certain things. Like Rush Limbaugh is a big fat liar. He lives here too. We see him at the store, the airport, in the parking lot with his dope dealer and coming home from sex vacations in the Dominican Republic. Hell, we even know the Dominicans.

Guys like me were here when the 2000 election was discredited and thrown into the Supreme Court for no good reason. I was out in the neighborhoods all day that day, as a requirement of my job. I saw stuff that I had never seen on an election day. You don’t have to convince me that the evil forces of right-wing politics and racial discrimination were hard at work that day. I saw it with my own eyes. Guys like me know stuff.

Which brings us to the next truly stupid person that goes on my list. I give you, ladies and gentlemen, The Republican Primary for President candidate the ex-Governor of Florida, John Ellis “JEB” Bush, or as I like to call him “The Inbred One. I don’t know why, he just seems that way to me.

Now you probably ask why JEB makes me feel this way. Well, I live here. This is what you call a right to work state. We have an immigrant dynamic here that is unique to here. We have a service dynamic here that gets to everyone on earth at some point or another (Miami Beach, The Mice in Orlando, Winter without ice-scrapers) when they come and visit that no one should be proud of. And we got good old boy right-wingers. But, this isn’t about South Florida.

This is national stupidity we’re going to talk about. And JEB Bush. The inbred one.

We all know that JEB is stumbling all over himself to say what his right-wing corporate overseers  want him to say even if it is rather obvious that he doesn’t know or necessarily believe it. He’s made that pretty shockingly obvious. What I want to tell you about is some pretty specific things that should be considered by people of reason and actual common sense.

We all know that JEB’s kids have gotten in some trouble. His daughter had a drug problem. There are other things that I won’t go into. In an interview someone asked him what he felt the impact was on his career. He alluded to some drivel about how there are times when you just have to go on with your life. I much preferred what Martin Sheen said when Charlie had fallen off the deep-end. He was clear. He admonished people to do whatever it takes to get between your children and drugs.

Father of the year?

Another thing that struck me as entirely stupid was that he shot all of his political capital in a single volley by getting involved on the wrong side in the Terry Shiavo case. Now, for those of you that don’t remember this one, the resources are everywhere on the internet to check it out for yourself. The point being that JEB had been THE CENTRAL PLAYER in getting his brother’s election bid taken from the people of Florida and turned over to the courts and for all he was owed, nationally, he decided that this loser of a case was where he would cash in. Beyond stupid. The result. Terry is still dead. Of course this is what the medical community had been saying for fifteen years. And she is, still dead.  And JEB didn’t need to be involved at all. Nothing about this case belonged on the governor’s desk. He went after this one.

So now we have this mental midget political performer running for President. Gotta have a staff, right. Gotta get some advisors , right. Who do you call?

In steps Paul Wolfowitz to take charge as JEB’s foreign policy and national security advisor. Right out of the box JEB surrounds himself with the biggest failure to come around the bend in many, many decades. Now Paul will probably be liked less than Henry Kissinger by the time we chuck him in the clay, but like old Henry will probably never be made to account for the destruction and devastation that he inflicted on mankind. I could go on about this dangerously incompetent war-monger but have found a video that says it better than I could and this posting isn’t about Paul.

It’s about how stupid JEB is by surrounding himself with people like Paul. Please watch the video and understand what the Presidency would be like if we gave it to stupid people.

I am

Max Oebulet

Social Philosopher