The King of Stupid

A really smart guy that’s actually stupid. The King of Stupid.

Alex Jones Conspiracies

The most dangerous stupid person in America

The King of Stupid. Now this guy’s actually quite smart, and tough, so we’re going to give you a little back story.

My oldest brother is retired now and in the sixties he went through some things that put him on different paths than me. He’s joined and left many religions (scientology, Islam, suffism, whatever) and told me he’s still on a lifelong search for spirituality. Okay, whatever blows your skirt up. He’s always warned against “them” and tried to explain to me “their” vile intentions. Bilderbergers, Rothschilds and the like. The international Jewish banking conspiracy and the priory of the catholic church. Whomever “they” might be, he warned. Henry Kissinger gets two thumbs down and he’ll debate Charles Manson with anyone. I asked him once if there was anyone that wanted to debate Manson.

Well, his wife of several decades asked me right to my face if her husband was sick. Who knows? He’s my big brother and I love him. For her, I decided to take the time to check it out. So all the stuff that he ever wanted me to checkout, read, listen to or watch I got into with gusto about 8 years ago for about 30 months. Seriously. Read the Koran, L.Ron Hubbard, saw the zeitgeist movie, read Chomsky, went on and on and on. I do this kind of research for a living and know how to spot poo. I went swimming in it.

Now I’m not saying that he was entirely wrong. I learned a lot about convictions reading Chomsky. What I’m saying is that a lot a people have come down the road that were wrong, wrong in every way. L.Ron and Henry Kissinger were certainly no good for humanity on any level. But most of his “evidence” my brother  was convinced of was baloney.

There’s a lot of terribly evil people out there with ambition. There’s even more self-righteous stupid people that are so clumsy that their good intentions pave a path to hell. Always has been, always will be. It becomes difficult to convince people that it’s not a big conspiracy. Then along comes someone that is really smart that reminds you that people are stupid. But who gets to be called out on it here?

I’ve worked with this young guy for a couple of years now and one day during a critique I was writing of a useless bunch of polling data he was doing whatever in the next office. The paper I was working on was a poll about media. I was checking what it was saying about and was listening to some Alex Jones. Now we all know what Alex Jones is about and that isn’t a surprise at all. The kid working next door raised my hopes when he interrupted. He had never heard Alex on his show, shoveling.

Evidence. The kid pointed out that “that Bozo” has to travel light years to connect the dots. He quickly asserted that if that guy has an audience somebody is going to get hurt. This kid was 18 and was telling me that there a plenty of people his age that would listen to that and become more dangerous.

Alex Jones Dangerous and Delirious

I assured him that there were people of all ages that were that stupid. Alex Jones found his 1% to market to.

He’s really quite smart. He plays paranoia like a harpsichord. He’s always the hero of his own imagination and the one you can depend on to tell you what to expect next while he fights to stop “them”. You know, the conspiracy.

I went on to tell the kid that it was probably too late in Alex’s case. His rhetoric most assuredly already caused someone to make a bad decision. Infowars has likely already created tragedy.

Which brings us to why Alex Jones was chosen, by me, to be numero duos on my list of truly stupid people.

He’s a smart guy and he hears feedback from his supporters. He has to know that what he has said caused actual damage. Since he obviously doesn’t think that matters or, if he doesn’t recognize the problem (come on Alex, you’re not that stupid) he can truly be called stupid. Or maybe worse.

Now he’s going to keep his market share of supporters and take the revenue but, please people, always call him stupid. If someone tells you otherwise, send them here.

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